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A Children’s Nativity Set October 20, 2008

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Any body else have trouble keeping little hands off a porcelain nativity set every year?  Prepare now to have a stress free  Christmas. 

Little hands are free to play with the new Tales of Glory Nativiy set by One2Believe.

My oldest child enjoyed setting it up.

My son enjoyed the freedom to actually play with it.  He even took baby Jesus outside on the tricycle with him.  He said it was probobly more fun than that bed of heigh he had.  I love the innocense of childhood.  This set makes the characters come to life.

My 2 year old loved the Shepherds and I have to admit the sheep are very cute!

Even my youngest got into the fun.  Apparently donkey tastes good.


This might seem to be a review of my family more than of a product.  I think a good product will always help you see your family better, and pull you together in some way.  This Nativity brought my kids together, and will continue to as the Christmas Season approaches.

Why shouldn’t the nativity be accessable to a child?  I want my kids to always feel they have access to Jesus, whether plastic, porcelain, or the real deal.

Also, in the package was a paper on how to demonstrate your love of God to young children.  I thought the list was a nice bonus, and a great reminder for Christian parents.

Check out their site at:

The Tales of Glory Nativity Set cost $24.99.  While you’re there check out the other goodies in their toy store.  One2Believe is full of quality bible based toys that belong on any child’s christmas list.  Be ready for little hands this Christmas.


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