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Homeschool Library Builder October 20, 2008

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Are you a homeschooler who loves to incorporate good books into your child’s learning?  Maybe you don’t homeschool, but you love watching your child curl up beside you to read a great book.  Maybe your church has a Library that you’d like to help expand in a cost effective way.  This is something any book lover can benefit from.

Homeschool Library Builder is wonderful way to pick up nice books at bargain prices. Sales run often and any trip to their site usually turns up some treasure. They provide both new and gently-used books.   Membership is free.  It takes only a minute to fill out.  The benefits are well worth it.  Let me point out the things that really made me smile:

  • $1.00, $2.00,and $5.00 Sales Bins (I purchased 12 books today myself for $23.38 . . .that includes shipping)
  • I love products that promote savings.  Our economy is tough.  We need to squeeze the value out of every cent.  You can do that at HSLB. To test this, I looked up all of the stories for the  Before Five in a Row Curriculum to see what savings I could get.  I did not find all of the books, but of the nine books I did find, I calculated a savings of $56.02!!!  A few books were 92% off!  That’s something to smile about.
  • Access to out-of-print books.  The owners are two homeschool mothers who are determined to bring this service to homeschoolers. They are happy to help look for hard to find books and stock many.
  • If you are a small business owner who has something of use to homeschoolers, they will advertise and link to your site for free!  You can’t beat a free ad right?
  • Members receive a discount on future purchases.  Their Book points add up quickly and never expire.

There are plenty of other things this site has to offer like a fundraising program, a newsletter for members,a seasonal resources list for educational websites, just to name a few.  What I really liked was the fact that this is a small home-grown service.  It is run by moms just like me who want to see their children excel in reading and are kind enough to help others to (economically) do the same.

My only complaint was the difficulty placing an order through my credit card.  This was frustrating for them as well as they are currently switching processors.  My advice is , if you plan to pay through credit card ,call them to place the order.  They are very friendly and happy to take your order by phone as well.  Their phone number is located at the site, but I’m not giving it here.  You’ll just have to go and see.  You’ll like it, I promise.


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