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The Schoolhouse Planner November Module November 2, 2008

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The November Module for The Schoolhouse Planner is titled Amusing Mathmatics.  At first I wondered how much amusement this module could really contain.  I pictured my own math experiences and the word “amusement” did not come to mind.  Tears, trauma, ranting tantrums and feelings of stupidity do come to mind.  I did not have a  gifting, or tolerance for math.  Somehow, despite my genes, my   daughter has found pleasure in math that I never knew was possible.

I explored this module for her, to encourage her in her interests.  Honestly,I was not expecting to enjoy it myself.

This module is an excellent tool for fostering a love and interest in math.  Who knew math could be fun?  I certainly didn’t think 48 pages worth of fun was possible!

In the November module you will find Math tricks, Suduko, Jokes, Riddles, and even math themed copy work pages!  It truly is fun.  Math actually became amusing to me.

You will find yourself playing with math (something I never thought possible).  Explore the creative, fun, and often over-looked  side of math.  Tear free math is beautiful!!

Look for it at the Schoolhouse Store.


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