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Creation Science and Mystery Advenure at Media Angels, Inc. November 8, 2008

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At 14 years old, Christina Gerwitz knew that she wanted to be a novelist.  With the help and encouragement of her parents, Christina created a Christian Adventure novel series that is laced with mystery and  creative support for the creationist viewpoint. 

The Missing Link:Found  is the first book in the series written by Christina and Felice Gerwitz.

The story centers around the adventures of a homeschooled brother and sister when they become part of a mystery involving the FBI and an archealogical dig for what could be the missing link!

The action, adventure, and mystery are used to conceal a very educational perspective on Creation.  The reader will learn about Carbon -14 dating, the importance of chronology in the feild of anthropology, and more.  They will learn through the character’s examples how to argue for creation, while respecting the other side as people. 

Too often, Christians can become fierce in their beliefs and not hear the other side. This book, and its characters show that an approach of kindness and patience is far more effective as a witness.  People want to hear what we have to say when we honor their opinions enough to listen to them (even though we don’t agree).  I think that  this point alone makes it worth the $8.99.

Here it is:                      

*A compelling story.                                       

*Fun pleasure reading.                                    

*Lessons in witnessing.                                                                                                                

*Lessons in Creation Science.                          


Here’s what it is not:

* A perfect example of grammar and editing.

*A boring story.

*A weak portrayal of Christianity.

*A be all and end all of Creation vs. Evolution.

Having looked at some of the pleasure reading options for teens today, I would concider this a fine choice.  Its content is much more edifying and educational.

Check it out at

While I’m talking about this series I also want to mention the other great products this company offers.

Media Angels,Inc. has a strong support for Creation Science and you will find that their products reflect this.  They publish science study guides at very resonable prices ($12.95 each).  Cathy Duffy has placed nine of the on her 100 top picks for Homeschool Curriculum.  High praise indeed.

The other exciting development at this company is their new partnership with the owners of Visual Mana to create Scholar Square. is a place for educators to place their homeschool seminars or lectures of benefit to homeschoolers.  It will be a place of learning and teaching that has videos available 24-7 all over the world! 

Media Angels is a busy little company with big dreams and a growing impact on the homeschool community. Check them out and see if they fit into your family’s approach to science.


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