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Time 4 Learning (Post #1) November 13, 2008

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reading math

October 28th we began or journey of exploring the Time 4 Learning website.  Time for Learning is an on-line teaching tool that is available for $19.95/month ($14.95/ additional child).

As a part of my review process, I will be blogging about our learning adventures and experiences at Time 4 Learning over the next few weeks.

So far . . .

The set up was pretty easy and the signing in was a breeze.  We were up and going without any glitches.

The first one to try it out was my son, Caibry.  He is four.  He has S.P.D. and visual learning comes very easy for him ( I try to stretch him in other areas too, but visual is his strength). 

Caibry LOVED this!  He had a kicking,screaming, make- mom- want- to- run- away fit when I said time was up.  I am not even kidding!  He would have done it all day if I had let him.  I actually thought about letting him.  He has done 21 activities so far!  Between his learning time and his playground learning he has been on the site for 21 hours, so far, and loved every minute.

Next came my oldest, Chloe.  She is six.  Her learning style tends to be more auditory or hands-on.  I wasn’t really sure how, or if, this would work for her.  To my surprise, she learned happily.

With Chloe, I think she needs more challange.  Maybe I will raise the grade level in a few subjects for her.  I’m torn about that though, because she views this a more of a fun “activity” than as “school”.  It might serve her well as re-inforcement and review.  I’ll have to work that out with her.  She has completed 18 activities.  She loves the LA Arts (the puppet animation is adorable).

My three (almost 4) year old, Nevie, tried it too.  She is totally sold on it!  She gets a big smile when I tell her it’s time for school.  She feels so big.  She’s really learning though too.  I will admit, her favorite thing on the site is the playground.  The playground is a collection of educational and entertainment links for kids like PBS, puzzles, video games etc.  Her favorites are On The Farm and Clifford.  It’s real incentive for her to complete a lesson.  I’m not too worried.  Even on the playground, she is learning.  She has enjoyed 8 activities so far.

Our experiences with Time 4 Learning are wonderful so far.  If I were going to complete their review today it would be an absolute full endorsement!

I’ll continue to brag about them in future posts as we get deeper into it.  I’ll be sure to tell you if an glitches come up.  So far . . .so good.reading math

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