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Motherboard Books: Let’s make a Web Page (Review) January 14, 2009

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When I entered the world of blogging just two years ago, I knew very little about computers.  I am a one finger typist still, and HTML was greek to me.

Motherboard Books has an amazing gift of simplifying the compicated elements of technology (that have overwhelmed me as an adult), and creating child-friendly computer sklls.  They succeed in building enthusiasm and pride in children by making their lessons so easy to use and rewarding to see.

My daughter knew that she was learning something that is hard for Mommy to understand.  She beamed at her completed project.  It’s always fun to learn something you know to be hard, very quickly.  It makes you feel smart and it builds confidence and determination when things might become truly hard.

Let’s Make A Web Page! Is a user-friendly written tutorial that walks a child through the steps of designing a webpage.  It comes as a 60 page e-book.  They use Coffee Cup HTML Editor’s free trial to teach the steps, and they keep it very cost effective by recommending free sites for images, backgrounds, and even web hosting.

The finished product is pretty cool.  They break down the fear of HTML and desolve any worries that this is too complicated for a child to do.  Not only will your child have an interview- turned web page, but your child will develop a new skill.  This is a skill that could prove very beneficial in our current society.  Technology is developing quickly and computer knowledge is becoming increasingly important.  This should be a skill we expose our children to.  Why not make it painless?

You can find Let’s Make A Web Page at

The cost is $19.99.  

Be sure to check out the other reviews for Motherboard Books as we did not all receive the same products for review.  My children are young and so I worked through Let’s make a web page! with them.  I did not try other products and cannot give an opinion regarding them.  I was very pleased with the quality and teachability of what we tried.  If you are seeking out a computer course for your child they are worth your time to investigate further.

Motherboard offers a few freebies I want to make you aware of.  If you like to try before you buy you can check out the Logo turtle at (check out other reviewers for more information regarding Logo).

Also, a free internet scavenger hunt is available by simply signing up for the newsletter.

Make use of these great offers and remember to peruse the Crew blog for access to other reviews for Motherboard.


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