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Write Shop Primary A April 17, 2009

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Write Shop

Write Shop has been a wonderful resource that my kids have enjoyed learning from.  Write Shop Primary A is a workbook designed for little kids just learning to write.  It can be used by Kindergarteners/first graders or adapted for older children who are struggling with writing. 

Here is what I like about Write Shop Primary A:

This really inspired me to have a seperate time slot for writing.  We write across the curriculum very often and this gave us more focus on the art of writing itself. 

I like the worksheets that accompany some of the lessons.  The illustrations make the job very kid friendly and take the intimidation out of a writing assignment.  

We had fun making the published writing crafts.  They loved making story kites and were blessed with a day windy enough to make them fly. 

The lessons are the perfect length for this age group.  They are brief, but thorough.

Here is what I didn’t like:

The subjects they are expected to write about are sometimes too scripted or repetitive.  I would have liked a little more variation within a lesson topic.  

For example, in Activity Set 3 we wrote about weather for eight lessons.  This became boring after a few days.  The script doesn’t really vary and they get sick of writing the same basic stuff day after day.  If it wasn’t for the cool publication/ craft ideas we might have stopped at that point.

After reviewing other Write Shop poducts, this is not my favorite.  Sorry, but I just don’t think you can top their Story Builders.  (Check out my review of the Story Builders— they are great!) 

My suggestion:  Use Write Shop for children who really struggle with writing.  The occasional repetitive lessons will be reassuring to them and probably build their confidence because they’ll know what to expect and how to achieve completion.  

 Primary Book A is available in print editions or as an e-book.  The cost is $7 dollars less (when shipping is factored) for e-books. 

I’m not a big e-book fan, but in this case I think it could be an excellent option.  With the e-book you only need to print what you decide to and you will have a savings in your pocketbook and save space on your bookshelf.

You can order from Writeshop here.

The cost is $26.95 for the Print version.  It costs $24.25 for the   e-book (remember you save on shipping too). 

The worksheet Activity Pack is $4.95 and I highly recommend purchasing this as well.  It really adds to the fun.

To read more reviews of Write Shop Primary Book A visit here.

Happy Learning!


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