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Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn (a book review) June 12, 2009

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Are you a Sisterchick?

The Summary:
When a mammogram result comes back abnormal, midlife mama Summer Finley makes a snap decision to relegate fear to the back burner and fulfill a lifelong dream. Summer heads for Holland where she meets up with tulips, wooden shoes, and her best friend, Noelle.

Pen pals since fourth grade, Summer and Noelle have never met face-to-face. Through decades of heart-level correspondence, they have sustained a deep friendship. A week of adventure helps both women trade anxiety for a renewed and deeper trust in God. When Summer confides in Noelle about the abnormal medical report, Noelle finds the freedom to share a long-held heartache, and both women discover they needed each other more than they realized.

My thoughts:
In Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes, Robin Jones Gunn captures the authentic feelings of friendship and demonstrates the deep need we have for each other. I felt like I was a stowaway on Summer’s trip, traveling with her through her exciting adventure in Holland. Her characters begin awkward with each other and grow more comfortable as the story progress. Summer and Noelle are great examples of the ease and comfort of friendship and the informal intimacy that occurs between Sisterchicks.

This was my first Sisterchick book. I’ll have to pick up the others now.

Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes is like a travel book wrapped around a story and tied up with faith. It will inspire you to call a friend. It will gently teach you more about Holland, Corrie Ten Boom, and the Holocaust. It will challenge you to forgive those who’ve hurt you and walk in faith and not fear.

One of my favorite things about Robin’s writing is that she captures the essence of scripture beautifully and coveys it in a way that I can really grab hold of and “own” (as Summer would say).

Another bonus of Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes is the discussion questions at the end of the book. This seems to be a growing trend in Christian Fiction and I love it. The questions will provide an easy road map for discussion in any book club.

You can get more Info or order Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes by clicking here.


2 Responses to “Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn (a book review)”

  1. Betty Says:

    I am going to recommend this book for our book club reading list. It sounds just like the type of book about women’s friendship that we would enjoy reading and discussing. I just finished reading a really enjoyable book by Linda Overman called Letters Between Us. It’s also a great book that focuses on women and their inner lives and struggles in the world.

    • novelized Says:

      I’m sure your book club will enjoy Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes. I’ll have to look for Letters between us. It sounds really heavy, but I’m a total sucker for Chick Lit. Thanks for recommending.

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