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40 Minute Bible Studies (informational) August 14, 2009

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Summary for 40 Minute Bible Studies

The 40 Minute Bible Study series from beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur and the teaching staff of Precept Ministries tackles important issues in brief, easy-to-grasp lessons you can use personally or for small-group discussion. Each book in the series includes six 40-minute studies designed to draw you into God’s Word through basic inductive Bible study. There are 16 titles in the series, with topics ranging from fasting and forgiveness to prayer and worship. With no homework required, everyone in the group can work through the lesson together at the same time. Let these respected Bible teachers lead you in a study that will transform your thinking—and your life.


Titles Include:

•The Essentials of Effective Prayer                            •Being a Disciple: Counting the Cost

•Building a Marriage That Really Works                     •Discovering What the Future Holds

•Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past             •Having a Real Relationship with God

•How Do You Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk?      •Living a Life of Real Worship

•How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret                  •Living Victoriously in Difficult Times

•Money & Possessions: The Quest for Contentment  •Rising to the Call of Leadership

•How Do You Know God’s Your Father?                  •Key Principles of Biblical Fasting

•A Man’s Strategy for Conquering Temptation                       •What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

About the Author:

Kay Arthur, executive vice presidentand cofounder of Precept Ministries International has worked with her teaching staff to create the powerful 40-Minute Bible Studies series. Kay is known around the world as a Bible teacher, author, conference speaker, and host of national radio and television programs.

My Thoughts:

I wasn’t asked to review this book, but simply to inform my readers that it’s out there.  I couldn’t help myself though and decided to take a peak at my copy of Living Victoriously in Difficult Times.  I think it was a God-thing that I was intrigued by it. 

Kay Arthur uses an inductive approach and breaks the study down into chunks titled observe, discuss, and insight.  She encourages people to mark in their bibles a lot and make note of the frequency of words and phrases.  I love that she breaks some things down to the Greek.

Honestly, I began this study privately with my husband just before bedtime.  The studies were brief but deep enough to provoke my thinking and challenge my walk.

Only weeks after starting this study my home became (emotionaly) like the home on the cover.  Unexpected things have occurred in my marriage and personal life that are nothing short of difficult.  I am living and walking victoriously through this trial though thanks to this wonderful and encouraging study.

So there it is, not a true review . . .but an endorsement by someone who is blessed by this study.

You can pick up 40 Minute Bible Studies for a very low cost.  They would make an excellent small group study.  I highly recommend checking them out.  Go here to order.


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