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the Voice New Testament February 1, 2010

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 The Voice New Testament is a new translation that uses  the careful input of biblical scholars and contributing writers.  Together they poured over the scriptures and created a translation that is modern in its readability without sacrificing the intelligence and literary richness of the Word of God.  The Voice New Testament includes devotional commentary and introductions to each book.

I began my review by reading Romans.  I was quickly hooked with the Voice translation.   The introduction was very well written and the flow of the book had a very personal feel without compromising God’s Word.  I usually read out of the New Living Translation because I have a hard time comprehending the King James Version.  To me, the Voice is a bit truer to traditional translations and I actually prefer it to the NLT.  This translation doesn’t dumb down the gospel or talk in slang.  It’s real and unforced.  It simplifies without doubting the reader’s intelligence.  I really enjoy reading this Bible. 

The Voice New Testament is printed in soft cover.  My copy had a huge flaw from the end of John to through Acts.  The typesetting is doubled and the pages were just too blurred to read.  Hopefully, not all copies were printed this way.  Flip through your copy before you buy and be sure.    

To find out more about the Voice visit Thomas Nelson.   

*As a member of BookSneeze, Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.  I am not paid for my review.  I offer my opinion freely and voluntarily.


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