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When Chicks Hatch is in Print! March 12, 2011

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I’m so excited to share that my novel, When Chicks Hatch, was released to the public on February 22nd. You can order your copy here.  It will be also available on amazon and in kindle format.  I’m also working to have it on book store shelves. I’ll keep you posted on any progress with that.

When Chicks Hatch is a fun read and you’ll laugh plenty, but it also has some heavy themes like infertility, self-importance, marital struggles, and coping with the loss of a child to name a few. With all the opportunity to address these life changing issues, I think When Chicks Hatch would lends itself beautifully to a women’s book club. I hope that my book can be an encouragement to the women in your life facing hard issues.

I’ve set up a Facebook fan  page for When Chicks Hatch and I’m posting questions that will get you thinking deeper about the topics and themes from the book.  Hop over and check it out today.

If you choose to pick up my novel and give it a read, please don’t be shy. I want to hear from you.


Update On My Book: When Chicks Hatch July 5, 2010

I recently received my press release and publicity materials for When Chicks Hatch.  I’m working hard on the final edit and hoping that my novel will be in the hands of readers very soon.  Click the link below for more details.

When Chicks Hatch Media Kit


When Chicks Hatch (Synopsis) January 14, 2009

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Intricate, inter-woven vignettes tell the story of five women whose lives collide at their lowest points.

   Nicky Bell is a college student who accidentally uncovered her professor’s infidelity and inadvertently loses her one shot at the internship of her dreams.  An out of state visit to friends breaks her out of her shell of selfish ambition when she is asked to be their surrogate.

   Sidney Flannery is the impulsive, accidental lover of the married college Professor, Peter Marks.  Pregnant by their first encounter and unsure of his devotion, she disguises the pregnancy to her family as an anonymous artificial
insemination.  Will her lie hold up when complications occur?  When her first love returns can he help her remember a faith she’d nearly forgotten?

   Jennifer Frank is a princess in her own mind.  Her life is full of beautiful things.  She has a loving husband, a gorgeous home with vases always full of fresh flowers.  Yet, the yearning for a child is loud in her mind.  Infertility and miscarriage have stolen the crown of motherhood from her.  She must learn to be content and honest when she faces losing everything to have it all.

   An E-ticket for the earliest flight home is Alexis Mark’s ticket out of a life that is crushing her inside.  Finally leaving the love of her life, she goes to stay with her big sister to try to release the hurt of her son’s death and her unraveling marriage.  Her healing comes when she is forced to see the “other woman” as a mom on the edge of losing a child.  She must decide if Peter is a love worth fighting for.

   Kristen McGowen is a nurse in the OB/GYN department of Corbin Bridge Health Clinic.  She has cared for others all of her life, but is now faced with the uncomfortable task of caring for her brother-in-law’s mistress.  If she is
quiet long enough she might learn to listen to the God she helps others to hear and be his tool when the women around her are as fragile as eggs.  In time, she will learn that boring can be beautiful and loneliness isn’t lasting.

  Together they all learn the truth of Humpty Dumpty … shells do break, but the King isn’t just watching a mess on the wall… He’s waiting to see the chick emerge.  The reader will smile as life begins when these chicks hatch.